4 Session Package $555.00
Membership included 


Sedona Retreat

Private  Group Sound Healing

 $111.00Per Person 


Individual Healing Session

 $99.00 per Person


  Intuitive Reading

I use crystals, tarot and channeling of your angels and guides to give you  well rounded information. I spend time on chakra reading and clearing and send 

        light healing energy.

    Session time 90 min





Angelic Light Crystal Therapy

This therapy uses the beautiful crystal selinite etched with the angelic seals placed on the chakras during session. This attunes you to the angelic realm and connects you with the power of that realm.


                                    Session time 90min


                                     For more info click here 


Discover the resonance of this powerful form of healing 
from its creator. 
Primordial uses unique symbols revealed over time that access  prima matra or"prime material" 
of creation. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Session time 90 min 

Crystal Healing / Angelic Light Combination

Combine Angelic Light  Crystal Therapy with other crystals and Reiki for this relaxing and nurturing experience. Connect with 

mother earths natural healers and 

celestial energy in one unique session. 

      Session time 2hrs.               



Clearing Cleansing Activation 

IF you have felt drained and stuck 

try this process.

I use prayer,numerical activation,sound.sage and crystals to rebalance and harmonize. 

Session time 2hrs.



Simia Henry

For bookings call

 (480) 721-9927