The Personal Soul Journey

Take the journey of a lifetime!

This is a unique process for serious seekers. Many have explored several aspects of their spiritual life but still would like to explore deeper truths about why they are here, who  they have been and what did they come into this life to learn. One of my gifts has been being able to access the etheric realms or spiritual planes. I can go to your angelic council and talk to the angels who surround you. Find which ascended masters who are working with you and teaching you. See what loved ones who have passed that still guide you. This is a shamanic journey I undertake for you!

The process is done remotely. It takes 2 to 3 hours to do a full journey for someone and there is an interview before and a debriefing after. Relating the contents can be done in person or by phone but leave time for privacy and an equally hour long session or more. This process is EXTREMELY draining!! It takes a considerable amount of power and focus and usually takes a day or to to restore energy for me. It is also extremely intimate so no private sessions or readings can be booked until a week after process.

  Be sure this is something you have a passion about! The information should be valued and remembered. Insights from a journey can come up for years still in front of you. The sheer energy involved is not worth expending for someone with mild curiosity. The price reflects the energy expended and your value of the information.


Explore past lives and who you were before this life time. Find the answers to love and family relationships. Why you have certain interest and career paths. We may also find future people you have yet to meet who will be coming into your life! 

 The importance of past lives is in the lesson. What was your soul trying to understand. Finding whats helping or blocking you is the goal of this exploration.

Many areas are addressed during Soul Journey.

  • Validation for star seeds or those who feel non human.
  • Which Angels or Archangels are helping you.
  • What spiritual teachers sit on your council.
  • What lessons have you completed.
  • What do you still need to accomplish in this life.
  • Who are your soul mates.
  • Where  did your soul come from.
  • Why you may feel connected to foreign cultures or areas.
  • What physical healing is being done in your body
  • What emotional healing is being done.
  • Explanation of strange events you want answers to.
  • Which of the seven spiritual rays you  work with.
  • Your belief in fairies, animal or plant communication.
  • Messages from loved ones who have passed.
  • How to break patterns, blocks and habits!
  • What therapy is most effective for you such as, energy medicine, homeopathy, hypnotherapy and more....

$399.99 usd