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Reiki Master Simia Henry

This process was created to address what I was missing from my personal yoga practice. I began to crave a deeper connection to the path of mind and body unification with spirit.
In the west yoga is largely a physical practice. Many feel the emotional benefits and enjoy a greater sense of well being and calm. These are great benefits but I wondered was there something more. As an intuitive and Reiki Master I am very comfortable in the realm of the mystic and have glided through the world of energy healing for the past 10 years. In several yoga classes I experienced emotional release, energy moving, clairvoyant images and the falling of grace inducing deep meditative states. But it's hard to process all this when someone is guiding you to the next position or telling you to square your hips.
Most teachers chatted with you after class about how to go deeper or hold longer with a position but never addressed the deeper issues with what you might be holding in your body. That back bends can hold shame. That forward folds can be hard because of lack of support. That hip flexers are related to lack of creative outlet.
YIN-RGY is designed to give you a chance to experience all of it! The physical, the emotional, the spiritual and the mystical.
90 minutes of practice,
several savasana cycles,
guided chakra focus,
meditative movement deepened by the Reiki Energy's ability to address and remove physical, mental and emotional blocks.
This is not just a yoga class or a Reiki session. It is both and even more.
Come and find out what the "Expanded practice " looks like September 30th 

12pm -1:30pm &

Join us for a 4 week workshop every Saturday starting October 7th $199.00 for the 4 week series.



  for the final weeks of the

Higher Chakra's Workshop!


Febuary 3rd & 10th



12 pm -1 pm



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